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Laptop Repairs

If you need laptop technicians with years of experience that can correctly diagnose and repair your laptop problem visit us today.  Whether your laptop is Windows or Mac, we aim to fix any problem your laptop may have. We open 6 days per week, we've almost two decades of experience, we're competitively priced and all repairs are covered by our 3 month warranty.

Laptop Speed-Up Service

Is your laptop sluggish and not as responsive as it used to be? Do you find it freezes a lot more frequently? Is it slow to start-up? Our speed-up service means it will boot-up quicker, faster internet browsing and faster file access.


Starting Laptop Issues

You just get a black screen.

When you power your laptop you get the "Windows failed to start..” message:

Blue Screen Issues when you you power or intermittent Blue Screens for no apparent reason?


Laptop and Macbook Screen Repair

Cracked laptop screen

Laptop screen showing an inky colour

Laptop screen faded


Laptop Keyboard Repair

Keys missing or broken?

Keys not function properly?

Replacement of your laptop keyboard.

If you just need a little help with your email or maybe your laptop won't boot, visit us and we'll be happy to help no matter type of problem you have. We are the leading laptop support service in South Dublin.


Check our list below

for a full run down of all

the laptop repairs that we undertake. If what you need is not listed there please contact us with your query or to explain the issue you have with your laptop.

Laptop hard drive repair

Hard drive failure

Higher capacity drive

Hard drive installed and your data recovered

We can install your operating system again (Windows or Mac OS), install drivers, set up your programs and email again, transfer over all your old data and reconnect the new set up to broadband.


Laptop Upgrades

Upgrade the RAM (memory)

Laptop CD-Rom / DVD drive repair


Macbook and Laptop Liquid Damage Repair

Windows 10 Repair

Motherboard Repair

Virus Removal


Our technicians can pinpoint the problem and resolve it for you. Drop your laptop or Macbook in to us today for a fast, friendly and competitive service.

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